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NIAW 2018- Kat's Story

Today I'm sharing the journey to motherhood from Kat @chiconthecheap! Kat writes:



My husband and I got married when we were 24 years old - I naively thought that we were young and healthy and could plan out the best time for us to have kids. But as they say "If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans!" Nothing ended up going according to plan but we made it to the other side with two beautiful  kids.

After a year of trying and zero positive pregnancy tests, we decided to reach out to a fertility specialist. I went through the whole battery of tests - hsg, blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. The only problem that they could identify with either of us were my ovarian cysts, and they told me I likely had endometriosis. It was such a high to finally know what was wrong but then such a low to hear that there was no quick fix.

My doctor then started me on the typical fertility drug regimen - Clomid, Ovidrel, etc. However, after a few months of monthly injections, I still hadn't gotten a single positive pregnancy test. The worst part was having to drive an hour away to my doctor's each month to take a pregnancy test and then wait for the inevitable call from her two days later telling me it was negative. I wanted to try IUI (intra-uterine insemination) next but was told that it wasn't a great option for me - apparently the drugs would only make my cysts worse and the chance of conception was low. The doctor told us that our best option was IVF. We decided to take a month or two to think about whether we wanted to move forward with IVF or pursue adoption.

During that two month break, I got what I'd been waiting for for 2.5 years - a positive pregnant test! When I called up my doctor's office to tell the nurse she was so shocked that she laughed and said "You're kidding me right?" I actually couldn't believe it either - I didn't tell a soul I was pregnant until 12 weeks (besides my husband) because I just kept thinking that it wasn't going to work out. Against all odds, our son was born 9 months later and is now a wild toddler. 

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