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When Life Gives You Lemons

"When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The cliché is a bit, well, cliché.  Sometimes life does hand out some really sour circumstances. But when you're being pelted with lemons, what do you need most? It would be wonderful if we could all stop amidst our sorrows and look at all the silver linings and truly make the best of our situations as an immediate response. Unfortunately (and fortunately), we're all human. Most of us need some time to lay in our beds with those lemons and cry for a while. We need to scream for a while. We need to throw those lemons at the wall and process the heaviness of what's happening. The tricky thing is, we don't necessarily want to do it alone.  

On the other end of things, when you have a friend or family member going through some tough stuff, what is your response? Do you go into "fix it" mode? Do you avoid that person because everything you want to say feels awkward? Do you offer tons of unsolicited advice? Or do you simply listen with an attentive ear? Most of us have a hard time solely doing the latter, even though it's honestly one of the best things we can do. We feel the need to do more, but it's often not clear what "more" should look like. Knowing how to respond is not something than many people feel equipped to do. Nothing feels right, or enough. In reality, any gesture that says "I'm sorry, and I care" would be perfect. Our aim here at Lemons and Confetti is to provide you with a tangible gift which can express that simple sentiment. We've hand-picked special cards which meet people where they are and do not minimize their struggles. The contents of the gift boxes are designed to recognize the struggles and provide a very small symbol of support.

Years from now, the gift recipient likely won't remember what specifically was in the gift box, but the fact that someone thought of them in that moment and cared enough to send a gift will be etched into their hearts. We are honored to play our small role in the act people supporting one another, and hope this business will bless many hearts. 

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