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Our Story

Lemons and Confetti was formed with a simple goal in mind: to create meaningful and desirable gifts for women who are going through tough stuff. People often do not know what to do or say when someone they love is going through something really terrible.  L&C is here to bridge that gap. When you don't know what to say, we'll help you say it with a gift.  Our carefully thought-out gift themes are designed to meet a variety of needs.  We put high value in honesty and transparency (often mixed with a bit of sass), and you'll see that reflected in our gifts and card choices.  In the name of girl gang love, we buy locally and from other female-owned businesses as often as possible. Gift themes are revolving, but we will always offer empathy focused boxes as well as celebratory themes. After all, the gal who has your back during the tough times is also first in line to celebrate your victories! 



From L&C owner, Laura Williams:
Lemons and Confetti took root in my heart after personally experiencing infertility and miscarriage. In 2010, I joined an online forum and wound up in a group full of women who were trying to conceive. We stuck together as a group and have always been there to support each other- through many trials such as infertility, miscarriage, divorce, job-loss, health scares, domestic abuse, deployment, loss of loved ones, relocation, parenting trials, and so much more.
When I was finally pregnant and then endured a miscarriage, it was this group that sent me a care package to remind me that I was loved and that they were there for me. It was an act of kindness, love, and support that would stick with me for years to come and would ultimately become a huge motivator in my desire to start this business. Every woman deserves an amazing support team, and I hope that Lemons and Confetti can serve as a resource in the endeavor of women supporting women.