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Flat lay of the items included in the Anxious and Awesome gift box. Yellow background and four items: Canvas zipper pouch that states "I am not my anxiety," Pick Me Up book by Adam J Kurtz, Anxious and Awesome sticker set, and black and gold enamel pin reading Good Vibes Mostly.
Flat lay image with two cards. The first card says "It's okay if the only thing you do today is breathe." This card has an off white background with teal water drop designs and black cursive font. It comes with a teal envelope. The second card is colorful and includes drawings of women in yoga poses and it says "It's okay to cry in savasana." The envelope for the second card is kraft brown.
Flat lay of two cards on a white background. The first card is mostly black with a white center that says "You're Not a Burden. You're a human." The second card is pink, blue, and gold with a quote in black cursive. The quote says "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. John Steinbeck, East of Eden."
Two cards laid out on white background. The first looks like a letterboard and reads "Welcome to the shit show. This line for VIP ticketholders only." The second says "Connection is about being fucked up together. There is no humanity in perfection."
Anxious and Awesome

Anxious and Awesome

Being anxious makes you no less awesome! Send this gift to someone lovely who needs to be reminded of this. This gift box includes:

  • Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later by Adam J. Kurtz
  • Good Vibes Mostly enamel pin from Loaf & Puddle
  • Anxious and Awesome sticker set from Janelle Silver with Heart and Hands Store
  • Canvas pouch, to store anything that you might want to keep handy in case of a mental health emergency.  Designed and produced by Flair and Paper.
  • Designer Card of your choice, with your message handwritten inside.